Summer is the one season where I feel the weekly urge to have dessert. Seriously, I pass an ice cream shop and my hatred of animal by-products suddenly disappears and I’m all, Could I have a hard scoop of Peanut Butter Swirl on a waffle cone? But even ice cream can get tiresome at times, and therefore I seek healthier alternative desserts. You too? Then see the recipe below.

Berries & Cream A La Fancy


4 Waffle Bowls

1 Container of Silken tofu

4 heaping tablespoons of Psyllium husk

1/4 cup of agave or honey

1/2 lemon wedge

1 Scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 cup of mixed berries

1 sliced up kiwi


1. Take tofu, psyllium, protein powder, and honey in blender or a electric mixing bowl.

2. Squeeze in juice from lemon.

3. Blend or mix until it becomes thick.

4. Divide cream into bowls and top with berries and sliced kiwi.

If the cream is not sweet enough add additional honey. The cream should be the consistency of pudding. If it’s still too liquidy add another tablespoon of psyllium. Psyllium is an insoluble fiber and an excellent thickening agent!!

This dessert is healthy enough to also have at breakfast-just nix the waffle bowl;)

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